Technical consultant who will be with you 24/7 for all your needs. More than just remote control.

Reduce your business and personal expenses for all technical tasks or issues. Use remote support assistants through the device, which will do it faster and cheaper then any other person. The BEST COVID-19 Solution to protect you and your staff!


High expenses on employees

Your own technician is costly. His salary and benefits affect your business and your success.

Employees are idle

Your specialist's time is spent ineffectively, he is not fully loaded. You have problems with time management.

Equipment downtime is too long

You are wasting time and money while on equipment downtime for repair or replacement. The repair negotiation processes are not straight forward and might take your attention and resources.

COVID - 19

Coming people from 3rd party support might infect your staff or clients. You will lose the company image.


Operators are connected to the robot at your request. Depending on the task, an operator of the required category will be connected

Sunny system capabilities:

The technician

  • Our support team operator will help you through this device
  • Remote connection and problem solving
  • The operators' pool has specialists cover all kinds of expertise for your needs.
  • The system uses also AI and AR technologies to minimize human error


* Helpdesk assistant, receptionist
* Keeping tasks track activities
* Schedule and Reminder Appointments
* Equipment management
* Automation of technical processes

Remote presence

* Provide your staff to another location immediately * Connect to any remote devices via existed electronic interfaces * Remotely direct another person to do the required actions * Let your support be anywhere

Sunny Band Operators Helps You

The operators from the Sunny Band are trained for most typical tasks and issues. The operator connects through the Sunny Robot Head and performs the task that you need. Finding the right operator takes from 1 second to several minutes.



Retail, warehouse

We set up and repair office, retail, and warehouse equipment immediately app on your request.

Small business, SOHO

We will help your growing company to solve any technical issues. Leave non-business tasks for us and stay focus on your main goal.

Distributed branches

Connecting your qualified engineers from the head office for the remote presence into distributed branches without the need for business trips

Small towns business

If you are looking for a specialist who is not in your area, we will provide one from our pool with the best experts remotely.

Take a look on results with Sunny

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Reduce expenses for technical personal

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Reduce equipment downtime

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Increase self-efficacy for your employee

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Decrease your staff education time

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